Bill split share link is not working

Issue: Trying to split bill with non monzo customer, shared a link. Clicking on the link shows error

Details to reproduce: make a bank transfer, split a the transfer with a non monzo person. Copy the sharing link. Go to that link, you will see error
Device: Android
App Version:


I can’t replicate your issue. It works for me.

I suspect the culprit behind this problem is the same:

Head to the payments tab, tap on the QR symbol on the top right of that screen, tap on the settings icon on the top right of the QR screen, and make sure QR code or payment link is turned on.

I have deep dived a bit, its working when I split a payment done with card ( eg: amazon purchase).
But it doesn’t work when you try to split a bank transfer.
I can use monzo me, but payment will not be counted as bill split.

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My bad.

Just sent some money to my chase account and tried to replicate it again. I now get the same error and can replicate it. So it’s specific to trying to split bank transfers.

Can also confirm this isn’t working for Bank Transfers, but works for card payments.

Hi. I am having a Bill Split issue. As per instructions, i selected the payment i want to split. I selected the person to split with, who is a Monzo customer. I get the screen listing her and me with the splitcat 50/50 which is fine. But when i complete the action, i get the Sorry something went wrong. Try again in a few minutes.
This has been happening since last night. User error? Any help greatly appreciated.