Split the bill UX with joint account

(Andrew) #1

After clicking a link to split the bill, the screen that is presented does not give the opportunity to chose the source of the funds without having to leave the app and re-click the link.

This obviously isn’t a bug, but it could be improved.

Split the bill UX with joint
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Hi @ordog, @Feathers, @Terra_cotta, and @Dannytc – just to let you know, I’ve deleted the spam post and your posts discussing it!

(Yen Pham) #4

Thanks for your feedback @amk221 – I’m looking into this and will let you know what I hear!

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Huh? I’m confused, what post was this or more concerningly do you mean that my account was posting spam? :worried:

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No, don’t worry @ordog! @Feathers discovered while merging a thread that the newer one was an almost exact duplicate of the other, suggesting spam. I’ve removed the spam post and the conversation between the rest of you about it, since it doesn’t make much sense now.

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Ohhh I know which discussion you mean now. I think it’s the one where there was a bad echo and I repeated @Feathers post exactly :laughing:

No worries, thanks for clarifying.

(Yen Pham) #8

Just to clarify @amk221, when you say “clicking the link” do you mean the link in your app for the payee, or a Monzo.me link you’ve received? Right now we’re still thinking about how to support joint accounts in the bill splitting experience.

(Andrew) #9

@yen I meant clicking split-the-bill link from a text message that I received from another Monzo user.

I accidentally sent money from my joint account - which isn’t a major problem thanks to it being so easy to transfer money from my personal account back into the joint.

Sorry for the dupe post - not sure if the other person is a bot or if it’s a bug with discourse.


(Yen Pham) #10

Thanks @amk221! Have passed your feedback on to the dev team :relaxed: