[Android] Joint Account - Split Bill via Link Issue

Tried to split Bill via Link, generated Monzo.me URL automatically and money went into personal account and not joint account (which is where the bill/link was generated from).
Details to reproduce:
Split Bill in joint account via Monzo.me link.
Android 10
OnePlus 7 Pro
App Version:

This isn’t a bug because Monzo.me is only for current accounts not joint accounts.

If I sent a link with monzo.me/ordog Monzo doesn’t know whether I want to put that into my current account or joint.

I would see it as a UI bug then, as you shouldn’t be able to select that as an option from within the Joint Account.

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Yeah you’re right. If splitting a bill from a Joint Account that option should be disabled :slight_smile:

Never noticed it before.

Or they could support Monzo.me for joint accounts. EG. monzo.us/ordogandwife