Split bills from all bank accounts

I’ve just purchased Monzo Premium expecting to be able to do this and I don’t really understand why I can’t.

I have a personal account, which I run a shared tab with my girlfriend through. And even though I can see all my Barclaycard transactions in the Monzo app and categorise them, I can’t add them to the shared tab?

This is annoying because I have to go through every transaction on the card and manually add it to the shared tab by typing out the amount and writing what it was. I don’t see why if I can see and categorise the transactions, I then can’t also add them to a shared tab to split them?

I see a lot of people asking for this in joint accounts but can’t see any mention of it from other bank account transactions so thought I’d throw it in! Sorry in advance if this has been mentioned, it’d just make my life so much easier!

Hi. Not a huge amount of clamour for it, but here’s one of the other topics for this suggestion

Oh damn, I honestly thought I’d done a good job of searching the key words … but clearly I did a terrible job. Well I guess maybe it’ll push it back into the limelight? Thank you for pointing this out to me I appreciate it

Equally mods feel free to delete this if need be