Bill splits/shared tabs for connected card payments (Plus, Premium)

I mentioned this within another topic, but posting it in a thread of its own so that it doesn’t get buried!

I would really like to be able to do bill splits for payments on my connected cards (i.e. I buy coffee for myself and my partner on my new AMEX card and want to request half of the money from his Monzo account). It would be helpful to do this in some form for pending payments as well, so that I can request straight away and not risk forgetting!

And to add to shared tabs!

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Not critiquing how you live your life, but do you honestly do this?

I’ve updated the title to include shared tabs as well :slight_smile:


This exact example rarely, it is more likely to be paying for meals for myself and three friends and then doing a bill split. etc My finances are separate from my partner so whilst I don’t mind occasionally buying him a coffee, I am not going to pay for it every day (I do get coffee far too regularly!) Anyway…


I have friends who are in long term relationships, and they put everything they buy together on a shared tab. So if one buys coffees for both, it goes on etc. etc.

Each to their own.


Exactly what I was looking for here. It’s hard to organise my shared tabs when I use my AMEX.


I do this :point_up_2:

I have a amex card with my gf as a supplementary cardholder and then we add everything to a shared tab so that it can be paid off each month and we get the avios points/travel companion voucher.

So being able to bill split/shared tab a connected card would be the thing that makes me get plus, until that comes im on the fence