Split Bill crashes Monzo App when I try to share Split Bill link

Help…I tried Split Bill for the first time for multiple splits ie 3 and the amount each of around £145 for non-monzo users. However, every time I go to share the link the app stops working. Absolute nightmare, the function I really liked will not work.

Any ideas anybody.

Cheers Phil

Usually removing the app, restarting your phone and then reinstalling fixes odd things like this :slight_smile:

Thank you, however, it did not work. Is there a limit of £100 for this feature, and would that be causing the issue.

Ahh sorry I missed that bit.

There isn’t a limit with bill splits but with non-monzo customers it generates a monzo.me link and that has a £100 limit per transaction and £1,000 over 30 days

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