Bug with bill splitting functionality failing to get the amount right when link shared

Issue: When using the bill splitting function for the first time. using the “share request link” and sending it to my contact outside of monzo. the amount they are requested to pay is £100 when it should be as indicated on my screen - £394.67. Recipient fed back that she couldn’t alter the amount to the correct amount (£100 as max she said) so i received my money in multiple transactions 100/100/100/95. not great.

Details to reproduce: selected the transaction and indicated this was to be split with someone who doesn’t have monzo. click share request link and the default text indicates this is for £100 wrongly. recipient experience as detailed above
OS: IOS 14.4
Device: Iphone 7
App Version: 3.70.0 #715


It’s not a bug, the limit is £100

one additional comment - the url produced and that i shared indicated the correct amount

oh a feature! Sorry. thanks for pointing out.

urgh - not a helpful function then…

should be a warning or indication that the amount you are wanting to split is too high…

It’s also £1000 in a rolling 30 day period so if you’re sharing this further (Maybe you’re renting a mansion!) then you’ll very soon hit this limit too.

yeah i saw @Revels . Limited benefit to the function right? you can split with up to 4 people (also limited in my view). Imagine covering the bill in a restaurant and this coming to over £100. Not beyond the realms of possibility right? Only two courses everyone, as the Monzo function wont support us here! haha

for me - i’d covered a holiday booking and was just looking to split it with my partner. is convenient it calculates the amount and provides a handy link. but the function is flawed if it doesn’t cover legitimate scenarios in which you’d want to use it.

I think it’s a lot less restricted if it’s Monzo to Monzo, but I’ve never used either of the functions so can’t be sure.

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