Split a joint account purchase between the two account owners

We often use our joint account to make a purchase and then we’ll decide later on that we want to split it between us (instead of take it out of a pot or savings).

When we try to split the bill, it only shows the other person as a potential payee, depending on who is trying to do the split. If I try, I can’t add myself. If she tries, she can’t add herself.

To us, our Joint Account is like a third payee, so we think you should be able to have both account holders as available payees when splitting a joint purchase.

To get ahead of some ‘why don’t you just do this’ comments… we like to use our joint account when we’re out together because we always keep a small ‘buffer’ of money in it that is not tucked away in a pot. Personally, we usually both put most or all of our money away in pots.

My wife and I are well seasoned Monzonauts at this stage and we particularly love the new pot-to-pot transfer facility.

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