Split payments with myself

Hey all!

I think the revamp of splitting payments is awesome!

However, I think it would be cool if, from my standard account, I could split payments with my joint account, and from my joint account if I could split payments with my standard account.

The second in particular feels important to me as right now it’s fairly inconsistent: from my joint account I’m able to split payments with the other join account owner, but not myself. They’re also able to split them with me but not themselves.

What do you think? :slight_smile:


Ps, there’s what I believe to be a a good example use-case in this comment!


Cant say I understand the need for this? Why not just transfer the amount from your personal account to your joint account or vice versa rather than “splitting a bill” with yourself?


That can be said for whenever you split a payment with another person too “why don’t they just transfer you the money rather than “splitting a bill” with them”…

It’s a convenience thing - and currently it’s inconsistent like I detailed: I can split payments with my joint account, but only if the other person does it, I can’t do it to myself.


Not sure I agree, because your not receiving payment for someone else but essentially just moving money around your two accounts. I’m sure it’s an issue for you, just don’t understand that particular issue myself :slight_smile:

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OK, well I think a good use-case could be supermarket shopping, I share my joint account with my partner (no surprise there I assume) and I might be doing a weekly food shop in the supermarket. As I walk around I also see a new pair of headphones that I want for £45, so I add them to my trolley. When it comes to paying I pay with our joint account as its our joint weekly shop. But then I split £45 of it with myself so only I am paying for the headphones. When my partner looks at our statement and wonders why our weekly food shop is £45 more than she expected she can also see that I shared £45 with myself and probably bought something I don’t need :slight_smile:


Absolutely agree with the splitting with yourself or the joint account.

One of the main reasons that transferring money between the two is not the same is that the transactions are not linked and you have no merchant information.


Good example.

My use case would be that my girlfriend and I have a joint account which is supposed to be used just for bills and we contribute 50/50.

If we break our bills only :shushing_face: rule and buy say a saucepan for the flat on the joint account, being able to split it between both personal accounts would remind us we need to recontribute half each to ensure our bill money is still in there.

Edit: I get an error when I try and split with my girlfriend from the Joint Account. Does anyone else have this?


I agree with this… this is exactly my use case too. I can (and do) perform a manual transfer - e.g. done a food shop and bought my lunch at the same time, but the history of what that transfer payment is for is not linked to the original shopping payment and it appears as a general transfer in my personal account. Would be great to be able to split it with myself from the joint account.

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