Spent today sum is wrong

If the first transaction of the day is a credit then this is ignored in calculating the spent today (whereas later credits are not)

Here the sum should either be:

£124.75 (ignore all credits)


-£12.98 (include all credits)

The sum shown can only be reached by ignoring some credits but not others.

Details to reproduce:
Have a credit first in the day

iPhone 13
App Version:
4.54.1 #860

It’s doing what it should, no? In that you spent 124.74 and then got a refund of 12.99 and spent a penny.

So technically you did spent 124.75 as you note but to my knowledge it’s always worked this way.

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Be sure the refunds are categorised the same as the spend to ensure full balance.

It would seem correct with the credits taken into consideration.