"Spent today" not in local timezone

I’m currently in Vancouver, and due to the time difference, have noticed a bug with the “Spent today” summary on the main screen. It seems to be reporting based off either GMT or UTC time rather than in my local timezone.

Whilst generally it makes sense to standardise times across the app (and as a developer I sympathise completely with the pain that is time zones!), for stuff like the “Spent today” box, it should probably be based off the users local timezone (even if I am completely jet lagged, my reference of ‘today’ is in my local time).

A good way to do this for iOS would be to use the device locale to translate the NSDate objects to local time (it seems you’re already doing this for transactions, so may be pretty easy to change?)

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Yup, totally agree :slight_smile: It’s on our iOS list to fix. Thanks!