Spending Target Refund Errors

Hey! Not sure if this is a bug or not, but hopefully someone here should be able to help. I’ve just noticed this morning that I have received a refund from Amazon (£5), which was initially made on my Monzo card.

Since it has been refunded it is still showing up that amount from my ‘Spending Targets’, is there a way that I could mark that refund so I have the extra £5 in my spending target for the rest of the month?

Yeah, they were experiencing server issues this morning, but should be resolved by now. You may not get re-charged the initial transaction until a few days later though, so for now just remember that that money isn’t actually available to spend :disappointed:

You can read the explanation of the problem here:

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Another use case for -


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Cheers guys! Gotta love the community on here!! :grinning: