Spending sort and grouping improvements

(Sendu Bala) #1

Spending section shows a list of categories.

What order are they supposed to be in? For me they seem to randomly change each month and I can’t decern a pattern. There’s a lot of wasted space showing unused categories, distracting from my actual spend.

Starling’s Spending section is better. It only displays used categories, and they’re ordered by spend amount, and show percentages of total spend. There’s an option to group by merchant instead, again sorted with percentages.

Now, starling and Monzo don’t have to be identical, but for an important basic feature like this, I hope Monzo can implement clearer overviews of my spending.

Monzo could even one-up starling and do the (admittedly less useful, but still cool and fun) grouping by location, and show on a map where you spend the most money each month.

Do things that the traditional banks don’t and possibly can’t do, to help us understand our money better.

(MikeF) #2

Ordered by spend amount for me each month, highest first.

(Marta) #3

Yeah, they do order from highest spent on Android for me. I would prefer alphabetical or a custom sort, not by highest spent. In that way, I can easily compare visually MOM spent in a category by quickly swiping and skimming through, whilst now I have to ‘mentally’ find category for each month. My spend in categories varies quite a lot month or month, for example if I pay quarterly electricity bill, bills will go up, but if I have Amazon spending spree… Shopping will go up a lot.

Custom sort would allow me to sort it alphabetically if I wanted to, but I might prefer to order categories by importance? I would prefer custom sort mostly because it allows alphabetical as well.

I wouldn’t say no to a small table/spreadsheet either… that would allow me to see spending per category in a span of 3 months, or 3 quarters.
Swipe on the table left and right to move between months and quarters columns? Not sure if such swipe is understood UX for Android and iOS, but it’s love it.
Have a toggle above it changing it monthly, quarterly and yearly.
Icon for each category instead of name, as we don’t have a lot of horizontal screen space. :slight_smile:

(Sendu Bala) #4

Ah, quite right. I actually didn’t notice the spend amount on the right, just the “£x left of £x” on the left, when trying to judge the order. It also feels most obvious visually that it should be sorted by bar length, but unlike Starling where the bars are just spend amount, that wouldn’t make sense for Monzo since the bars are usage or target.

But what order are all the categories with no spending in?

My order is Transport, Groceries, Eating Out, Cash, Bills, Entertainment, Holidays, Shopping, General, Expenses.

(What I had found confusing comparing months before is that when you do have spending, those categories go to the top, so it didn’t seem like there was a consistent ordering to the no-spend categories between months.)

Basically it would work a lot better and be less confusing if categories with targets but no spending where displayed “fully” (not greyed out), just with a £0 on the right to show no spending, and categories with no target and no spending were not shown at all.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #5

spending maps a bit like this