Spending lock

Am Idea I had after going out last night and using my contactless payment solely to buy drinks at the bar. A spending lock. You decide how much you want spend eg £100 put a lock on that value then you can spend for a set period of time but not go over your entertainment budget (because we’ve all done that and realised the morning after the night before!) if you need to remove the lock you have do so by entering your pin in the app. Monzo could even give you a running low notification so you can save £20 to get a taxi home.

Good idea.

In the meantime - just take cash out with you and leave your card at home. It’s the best lock you’ll ever have!

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I can’t be trusted with cash! I lose that, but some how always keep hold of my phone :woman_shrugging:

You could remove funds from your account into a pot, leaving only what you want to spend in your account.

But do you want to be that person who orders a round of drinks, only to discover that they lack the means to pay?


Take cash or have self control.

This is not something Monzo should be spending manpower developing!


Wow monzorob. I thought this was a community to share ideas…


It’s a perfectly valid idea. Not an excuse to tell off the OP. She’s definitely not the only one to be in a similar situation


It’s a good idea also for people with compulsive spending issues but at the moment putting everything apart from £100 in a pot is the only solution

I’m not sure they would consider a time lock as they had this with locked pots and removed it due to the amount of people contacting support to get it removed. Possibly a category limit eg only can spend x amount with retailers who sell alcohol

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Like a budget for the day :slight_smile: sounds like a good idea to me. When you’re close to the end of the budget you get an alert saying You are close to the end of your budget… £20 left!

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Evidenced by the fact that their not the only one to have suggested it.

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That’s a neat suggestion. Although I know I’d set the budget at £10,000 :smiley:

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haha I don’t have that much but it’s also good on holiday so you don’t spend all your cash on holiday.

Buying a bottle of water at the airport would probably breach most people’s daily limit :joy:

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haha :smiley: First thing I do on holiday is get to the camp site well caravan site, then I go to the shops and buy loads of food.

Another option could be a budget for food / taxi / drinks.

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It is, but it works both ways, it isn’t an echo chamber :slight_smile:

I agree.

For me this is a little like the gambling block and could do a lot of good.

Or you have a pre–pay card, such as a Monese or Revolut account, and transfer your spending money beforehand. You could tag the transfer in Monzo, so it still contributes to your monthly budget.

A workaround until Monzo develops something?


Agreed. It’s a useless feature to me and I don’t get why others can’t exercise a small amount of self control, instead of asking Monzo to treat them like children.

I guess most people can, the request was just for a bit of help.

I don’t “get” why people need their bank to provide a budgeting facility, but plenty of people derive benefit from it. Monzo is full of things I have no need of, but I’m content that those things are available to others.


Unfortunately this method doesn’t work for people with overdrafts.

I think paying directly from pot could work though.

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