Spending Graph

The spending graph (below) >

As you can see I top up during the month as I need to. The problem with this is that the graphs then don’t mean a great deal to me. I am sure many people currently use Mondo in this way (regular small top-ups).

It would be great to have the option to front load a month’s top-ups to the beginning of the month and then outgoings to stay as they are.

That way you would get a spending graph that properly reflected your rate of spend over the period.

Thoughts? :grin:

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the option is there already - top up at start of month with what you are going to spend that month ? :wink:

I think that will all change once it is your default current account. Although not for me, as my income is irregular anyway being self employed.

I read somewhere that they are working on a second spending graph aswell, rather than just a balance graph.

Hey Tobias,
Out of interest, why not top up at the beginning of the month? It works much better then :smiley:

because I spend about £700-900 a month via Mondo -I use it for all payments except rent and bills - and I don’t really fancy having that sort of money on a top up card all at once at this stage in the game

no doubt when Mondo gains its licenses and necessary insurance on deposits I will feel more comfortable holding that sort of balance on the card.

in the mean time I can still export the data and run it though excel it would just be nice to see that in app


I have the same challenge with the graphs as @Tobotron & don’t want to load all of the money I’ll need for monthly expenses for the same reason.

Frankly, we have no way of knowing whether :mondo: will be bankrupt tomorrow (although the signs from the outside that it won’t are positive, of course :thumbsup: ) so loading any money on my card feels like a bit of a gamble at the moment.

How do you see that graph? Does it come once you’ve used the app for a while?

I can’t remember where I’ve seen this (maybe someone else can post the link) but the graph doesn’t appear until there’s enough data to make it ‘useful’. So possibly not until you have a month’s worth of transactions (maybe sooner?).

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Once you have a full calendar month of data.

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Is the spending graph only on iOS at present? Have been on for just over a month now but no sign of it in the Android beta.

Yup, nothing on Android of that sort :wink: Yet

While I understand the drive to see something more useful now, I’m afraid I’m a bit of a naysayer on this front in the sense that I’d rather see features developed that will be useful for a current account without spending too much effort for the transient state (hopefully) of preloaded card.

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I’d still say this is as useful for a current account though - the “top up” would just be replaced by your salary.

No, that would be correct for people who top up their salary into Mondo at the moment. For someone who does small multiple top ups, it would be different when we have a current account.

If this feature - Monthly/Weekly spend based on individuals pay day? was implemented, would it address your concern about your salary deposit? (Your graph would start whenever your salary’s paid into your Mondo account).

The majority of users probably wouldn’t need additional top ups, except at the end of their month perhaps, which would essentially solve the issue.

Despite what I’ve said before, I agree with @Feathers point.

I’m not sure I understand the issues here. The majority of budgeting apps that I know of have a basic graph function showing their balance over time. Whether you get one income once a month and the graph trickles down or whether it goes up and down with regular smaller boosts is irrelevant - for many people, seeing their balance trends is useful to know when in a month they are likely to be strapped for cash.

The issue, for me at least, is that if you’re topping up frequently, the balance trend doesn’t mean a great deal because you know you’ll top up several times before the end of the month.

If additional deposits were front loaded to the beginning of the month, then it would be much easier to see the balance’s projection as it trends downwards to the end of the month. The projection would just jump towards a positive figure each time new funds were loaded. If that makes sense…:grimacing:

I know what you mean, and I can see how that would be useful.

Equally though I can see that it would be useful to see the top ups in real dates. For example I could look over a few months and see that topping up once every 3 weeks is enough to keep me in the black.

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@coffeemadman @alexs I think you are both describing the same thing just in different ways, but yes I also agree that this would be useful. Especially because this is one of the major perks of :mondo:

:mondo: must be doing this on the back end anyway is it shows your average spend month against month and if its up or down this month so it probably is already capable of displaying this graph without it having to drastically re-alter the way its built.

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