Costa "free £5" promotion back on [15-17 Sep 2023]

In case any of you are, or know someone, who are lovers of Costa:

Only at

This thread (offer) should self destruct at 23.59 on Sunday 14th March 2021.


Well, I’ve grabbed mine :grin:

Got excited until I saw it’s when you have to spend 20 to get it :confused:

Looks like a great excuse to buy more of the bakewells🤪

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Yes, but where else can you make 25% gain on £20 without putting your money at risk :man_shrugging:

I see your 25% and raise you 100%.

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Don’t drink gin :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Who even does it’s horrid :joy::joy:

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New costa offer: to celebrate 50th birthday all drinks are 50p 13-15th April
(I wonder if you bring your own cup to get the 25p off they’ll only charge you 25p for the drink)

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