Card Linked to Store Cards

I either forget to hand over my Boots, Costa and every other store points card or I’ve no idea which places actually accept my Nectar card.

I would love if I could load all my cards into the app and then when I make a purchase with my Monzo card it automatically loads the points on without me having to have a hand over the store card.

Use the Costa app that will cover your costa card.

I think Google pay can store some cards too.

The idea is for one seamless process, not to have a separate app. I already have one that stores the cards.

I spend £2.85 in Costa and the Monzo card adds the points to my Costa balance

I believe that’s actually flux that’s doing that?


Yeah, exactly this. Costa are down as coming soon with flux too.

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This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here: