Loyalty partnership with Pret

Hi Seeing as Pret is one of the places Monzo is used the most would it be worth talking to them about a loyalty discount scheme.

Off the top of my head 2-5% discount/cashback if you spend over £7.00 in a pret using your Monzo card ???


You’d save more just buying a reusable cup.


Yes, so if you do both your saving even more.

Is that what you mean ?

Ps we are talking about Monzo right not Pret only.

How many people spend £7 in pret? I’d probably think £5 is more normal so I can’t imagine many people benefiting from such an offer and 2-5% isn’t likely to make me want to spend more.


Wow please note the off the top of my head comment this is not a full scale proposal but just an idea

Did not realise how many people are sitting and waiting to shoot down ideas that are just that “ideas”


This community is full of that unfortunately



BlockquoteHow many people spend £7 in pret? I’d probably think £5 is more normal so I can’t imagine many people benefiting from such an offer and 2-5% isn’t likely to make me want to spend more.

A chicken and Avacado sandwich £2.99 plus a flat white coffee £2.45 is around £5.44 but add a cake at around £1.85 and you are looking at £7 so I think people spending £7 on lunch in the square mile is not that outlandish I did exactly that myself.

Pret are hardly going to give £1’s away but 5% would be roughly 35p on £7 spend and visit enough times and you get a free coffee it just a little some thing that you would not normally get if you visited 6-7 times anyway and did not use your Monzo card I am not looking to retire early on my Monzo/Pret cash back :):joy:

But it would make me choose Pret rather than costa or starbucks and that’s why people create loyalty deals.

As much as I am a supporter of the re-usable cup idea (0.50p back) when I am running from meeting to meeting I don’t always have a reusable cup with me but I do always have my Monzo with me though :):grinning:

I guess since the entire point behind your idea is that people on Monzo spend a lot in Pret, why would Pret give away money when we’re already spending a tonne in there?


A sandwich, a snack, and a flat white comes to over £7 in Pret (and that’s in Sheffield so it might be more expensive in London), so I wouldn’t be surprised if most people spend £7 or more in Pret every time they go for lunch.

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The same reason Tesco, Subway, and others have loyalty cards: We spend there, but we could always spend there more often. The author of the post is referring to the amount of Monzo users who shop there, not how frequently individual Monzo users shop there.


Pret is different. There is already almost a “Cult” of Pret lovers, which coincidently seem to tie into those likely to get a Monzo account. It’s NOT the same as Tesco or Asda where people generally want the cheapest - Pret ISN’T the cheapest YET has a decent following who love it and their social media team act very “Monzo” like.

I love Pret. I spend a lot there. Would I spend more if I got discount from Monzo? Probably not - I already go there a lot at full price. It’d be nice, but I would be utterly shocked if they got MORE customers by offering 35p or so from the bill IF you use one particular bank.

I can’t see why even people who are happy with Pret’s expensive prices wouldn’t appreciate some kind of loyalty scheme. I’ve been wanting them to offer a loyalty card like Café Nero, Subway, Starbucks, and Costa for a while.

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I said already - I would appreciate it. It wouldn’t make me spend more there because even with a loyalty scheme they are already one of the most expensive. If you eat there regularly you HAVE money to spend - 35p is nothing. That’s why they don’t offer a points scheme but they DO have the friendly “Here’s a free coffee mate” scheme which people like - not because it’s £1 less to spend but because they feel wanted.

I honestly do not see the comparison with Tesco because people go there for discounts, freebies, cheaper food. Nobody, ever (and I meant EVER) has gone to Pret thinking “Yeah I fancy being a bit cheaper today, you know, looking after the pennies”.

IJohnathan I think you are missing the point - as you have ignored the loyalty point and gone off on a “it won’t make me spend more” rant

If Pret have a loyal following then encouraging loyalty by giving a little something back repays customers loyalty.

It’s a PR and loyalty issue nothing to do with making people spend more.

Chill out. It’s just an idea Monzo are not spending millions on it and it’s probably never going to happen - it’s just an idea that might sprout a better idea at Monzo HQ.

Out of tiny acorns and all that

Starbucks have a loyalty card, I got gold status and I get a ‘free’ drink every 15 drinks. free syrup, extra shot of espresso and free whipped cream… do I use any of them no. I only use it for the free drink I mean I go there anyway.

My average spend in Pret is £4.75 and not that often either… if they did something along the lines of Starbucks then I’d probably use them a bit more.

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Well said Danny - a constructive post

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Why not make it wider and hook up with quick / total cashback to get all
the discounts built in to yuour monzo card…


Love it! I’ve got totally bored of pret, even though they do have healthier options than the amazing markets near Farringdon! This may make me return! Often

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Good idea and if all your cashback and rewards are credited to a special Rewards Pot you could easily see what you have earned in cash back - you could have a few hundred quid saved after 12months - dependent on the retailers you use and the amount you have spent obviously.
Please note I am talking about all cash back deals not just Pret :joy::joy:

Totally not a rant there… I just haven’t seen any reason why Pret would do this. They have a loyalty scheme in the staff can give away free things.

They don’t have a direct competitor in most places - they are the Waitrose or John Lewis of the sector.

I don’t think my posts were particularly unconstructive - I explained my position and I agreed with some of the original post. I took care to note that while I personally would like this, I don’t think Pret would.

The fact that they simply never have come close to this with anyone shows they don’t particularly want or need to.