Nectar Shopper Rewards - earn Nectar points on bank card spending without showing Nectar Card

Includes support for Monzo. Have connected my Monzo account (done via Truelayer) but not spent at any supported retailers yet.


Just added my Monzo to it. Looking forward to adding my Amex Nectar when that’s available.


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Did you read all the access permissions it wanted? Crazy amount for minimum reward imo

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Once you link your card it can process up to 36 months of transactions…only worth if you’ll really enjoy the participating retailers imo.

That was one of the frightening access permissions I saw

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For me I don’t have saving pots, no direct debits, no recurring card, no payees, about £100 for non-amex occasions so I’m ok with it.

I’m also ok with Nectar knowing about my purchases using my Nectar card and Amex Nectar for a few hundred quid a year cashback.

why does it possibly need most of that to function???


Is that not standard truelayer requirements?

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Same sort of stuff as what account aggregators request. If not comfortable with that kind of access I suspect you won’t be using any open banking product.

You are correct.

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I’ve added it for the Costa one. I’ve already got almost £15 worth of Nectar points (they add up when you rarely visit Sainsbury’s and use Virgin/Avanti trains a few times a year).

TrueLayer acts as a gateway for them to access your info (they convert it to a standard format so Nectar doesn’t have to implement every single bank’s API manually), as a result the permissions are quite broad. It doesn’t actually mean they will be using all this data, though in today’s world where ethics and integrity are out the window I wouldn’t be surprised if they do hoover up all the data anyway just in case they have a need for it in the future. I wouldn’t trust it either way, the whole idea of their business is basically give up your privacy in exchange for some “rewards”.


Yup, this is why I didn’t do it, its crazy, waaaay above the normal permissions.

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Went to Costa today, doesn’t look like it’s worked. :man_shrugging: Card is linked, offer active. Paid with Google Pay but I don’t think that should matter. Mayhaps it’s like anything with nectar and I’ll update in about a month.

If you are not one of the 1000 accepted trialists, it may well be that you can register but not get the points.

Not sure how you’d confirm your involvement in the trial.

The MSE article doesn’t seem to confirm it either.

Is the card number not different in Google Pay to on the physical card?

Didn’t think it would matter as it’s linked directly to Monzo.

Edit: it went through. Just takes a few days. :sparkles::sparkles:


Presumably they use the payment amount and approximate date/time to match up the transactions as opposed to card numbers.

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