Spending Allocations

So ive been back through my business account to the beginning of the year, and categorised all my spending. The nice thing is, any direct debits i could allocate, and it would give the option to apply this to all future/past transactions the same. Life saver.

However, things that are direct payments this doesnt apply too. Its trivial largely, but id like Monzo to automatically recognise the payments out to my personal account as income, and allocate it. Rather than have to do this manually. The same for staff, having to allocate all the salary payments monthly will become a chore.

Is there a work around for this? Or is it flagged anywhere for review?


If it’s a scheduled payment then you can set the category and it will keep using that for future payments. I have salary and dividend payments scheduled. Salary is always the same. For dividend I just edit the amount of the scheduled payment each month.

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Well that is useful! I will look at this then.