Net expenditure

(Tom) #1

Have been a user for a while now. Have moved all of my ingoings and outgoings across from my traditional current account to Monzo’s. In my job, I incur quite a few expenses travelling and on overnight stays, which I expense back to my employer. Also, living with two mates means that I often pay for things which we then split on monzo via Splitwise. Two suggestions spring to mind:

  1. Can more of a bill-splitting accounting system be implemented? I know it is already possible to split payments via monzo, but when you incur several of these per day, a Splitwise-like system of account is very useful.

  2. More importantly, the appeal of Monzo to my age group is the ability to monitor ones costs and work out whether they need to cut spending, or have room to spend more/save a bit (love the pot idea - need to add monthly automatic contributions function). The issue is that I have to set my spending targets to such amounts that don’t reflect my net position. Since I incur expenses that are attributable to others, this skews my accounting. I’d therefore suggest something like a setting that can be turned on “accounting: net mode” or whatever. This would mean that when you receive cash, you give it the same categorisation as your outgoings, and the spending targets affect the net movement as opposed to outgoings only. Simple enough to implement I think?


(Tom) #2


(Andrea M) #3

Yes, net expenditure is a must have feature. Every time I pay for people and they send money back, it still shows like I’ve spent that whole amount (even if I categorize the incoming transactions under the same category).

It’s incredibly annoying. Please fix !