Assigning Pay In to Expenditure

I know it’s been discussed before, the latest I could see on it was a post from December ‘16.

How far away is the ability to assign a payment in to a expenditure so it’s reflected correctly in the ‘Spending’ tab? E.g I spend £50 on food, my partner sends me £25 so the ‘Spend’ is only £25 for my budget?


This remains my number one most wished for update.

Please :santa:?


Yes, a useful feature.

And, the old favourite, resetting Expenditure breakdowns period post new salary / payments into Monzo.

Absolutely, the fact it doesn’t do this already is crazy (debits and credits folks, come on you’re a bank), especially since you can categorise the money that comes in!

Me and my partner send money to each other all the time, it totally distorts the monthly spending figures.


I’ve been waiting for something like this for ages. In fact I just signed up to ask for this before seeing it here. Besides Apple Pay this is my next most wanted feature!

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Does anyone know if there’s been any progress on this?

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Really important! Bump!

Has anyone else noticed that you can’t categorise Monzo me payments? I sent a link to some friends after I ordered takeaway for us all, they all paid what they owed. But now I’m unable to categorise the Monzo me credits, completely distorts the spending tab!

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It’s in the near future but WHENNNNN??

I had thought that maybe if I sent a Monzo.Me link from the transaction that it would assign the payment to the transaction and update the spending but I haven’t had a chance to test it yet.

Can’t believe this still has not been added. Would be such a welcome update

I’ve just tested it, unfortunately not, even if you split a bill with you can’t categorise the payment. It really does make a mess of the spending tab

Looking through the roadmap, it does look like they expect this to be sorted in the next 2-3 months. Fingers crossed.

I use monzo for my day to day spending mainly for the feature of seeing how much I’ve spent each month: so this feature would be a massive improvment for me as, at the moment, it does not give an accurate reflection of spenditure as my partner sends me money to contribute towards some purchases.

Please add it in an update soon Monzo!

Having seen the latest Insider Video I suspect that this will come with the big spending update but it would be nice to have that confirmed by someone form Monozo?