Set up purchases from POTS

(Jay Gallagher) #1

It would be great if you could make a purchase from somewhere and then to be able to say any purchases from that shop in the future will always come out from a chosen pot.

I have a fuel pot and instead of having to move the money to my main area, it would be useful for it to be pulled out from the pot when ever I spend in my chosen petrol station.


This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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(Jay Gallagher) #3

My idea is slightly different to this, with this idea all purchases come from a pot once a button is clicked.

Mine is where you click on a purchase and all future purchases from that store come from a certain pot.

So you have purchases coming out from different pots depending on where you have shopped

(Ben ) #4

I like that idea a lot!

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This is achievable with IFTT. (As long as your chosen petrol station is a supermarket that uses the same name as the main store!)

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(Jay Gallagher) #6

I only do the basics on IFTTT any pointers on how to achieve this? :slight_smile:

(Jay Gallagher) #7

Found it but it would be good if it was native on the monzo app with more control

(Andy Slater) #8

This is what categories and budgets are for