Speed Demons!

(Tom) #1

Since the day I created an account I have been checking the app daily to see where I am in the queue, and yesterday (Friday) I finally got a notification saying I was at the top. After transferring the money over I got an email saying the card will be dispatched as soon as possible, and will be delivered by Monday. Today I opened up my back door and there it was, a stunning blue envelope, holding my Mondo card. I just want to say thank you for such a quick delivery and I can’t wait to become a long term user of Mondo (or whatever it is renamed to) :slight_smile:

(Colin Robinson) #2

Welcome to the newest Mondonaut - you’re gonna love it!

(Nigel Laverick) #3

Mine was grease lightning too. Topped up the initial amount Thirsday evening, card in letterbox Saturday lunchtime