(Ryan) #1

So I got my new Mondo card yesterday through the post and got the baby activated as soon as possible. Couldn’t wait to get using it to see what it was like.

The app is so smooth and the payment transactions are just amazing. I loved the fact that I had a notification on my phone informing me about an ATM transaction before the money even came out of the machine!

Looking really positive up to now, certainly going to start using this as my permanent card from now on. Keep up the great work, I’m sure more great stuff is still yet to come.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Yay, welcome Ryan! :smiley:

(Andrew Ross) #3

Welcome @mynamesryan to :mondo: you’ll find the forums really helpful and full of useful information. Any questions just ask and someone will answer.

(Stuart Todd) #4

welcome :slight_smile: I am just waiting for my card to arrived. Deposited £100 today :slight_smile: