Mondo card arrives in Norwich

(Colin Robinson) #1

My beta card arrived in the post today in a nice blue envelope with a first class stamp. I thought someone had sent me a birthday card.

I’m mainly using Droplet at the moment for small expenses but don’t like how it appears on my bank statements.

Can’t wait to get out tomorrow and start using Mondo!

I’m 60+ but looking forward to learning new things.

Been working in IT since 1979 and currently in the Document Composition team for what was Norwich Union (outsourced and now employed by Williams Lea).

(Ross Hammond) #2

Welcome to the Mondo gang! Great to see a fellow east Anglian on here (I’m from Lowestoft) thoroughly impressed with the card and app so far! Used it in store today for first time and lady said “that’s a nice card”

(paul) #3

Well done for flying the Mondo flag in the East of England guys! I lived in Peterborough for 6 years and ran the Norwich marathon once! Have fun with the card and let us know what you think!

(Ross Hammond) #4

It’s been great so far Paul! The level of support and speed of fixing missing logos and issues has been really great!

(Colin Robinson) #6

Had an initial amount charged by iTunes when I switched to Mondo but that was resolved very quickly.

I’ve got the pulse and search unlocked - what other delights are waiting for me I wonder?

I’ve also used Mondo to order from so I can now see how the foreign exchange works without having to go abroad :slight_smile:

first direct do seem to be slow in updating amounts when topping up my card.

Still loving my hot neon Mondo card!

Just about to download the latest version.

(Colin Robinson) #7

And I’m still loving it.

The card got recognised in the local coffee shop (Gosling & Guzman) on Friday by someone who was waiting for his Android version to turn up :slight_smile:

(Colin Robinson) #9

Ready to jump ship from first direct as soon as I can :slight_smile:

(Marta) #11

I can’t stop thinking what a nice journey it must have been for those who knew Monzo nearly a year ago and still going strong! This is the best testimony for Monzo, really. :wink: I was monzied :scream: in January, whenever I see old thread bumped ‘6 months later’, I’m more and more assured that there’s no reason to stay with Monzo for longer journey.