Hello.....Coming this Saturday


Hello, I’m Patrick order my card last night and can’t wait to receive it hopefully by Saturday…or so the app suggests.

I love the idea of Mondo and can’t believe it took me a while to see it. I can’t wait to receive my card and start using and stick out from the crowd :grimacing:

(Jack Worton) #2

Welcome to :mondo: and forums! You’ll settle right in, enjoy your card when you receive it :smile:

(A/S/L?) #3

Welcome! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it! I couldn’t wait to activate mine :slight_smile:


Well today was the day, as I was madly rushing to get the little one to the gym ready for his :swimmer: lesson the post arrived competed with a high quality navy envelope!!

Already running late it made perfect sense to open it there and then and hey presto…my beta :mondo::credit_card: arrive :grin: and within second it was activated.

Post swimming lesson, what was the first thing I had to do…well obviously treat my son and I to a drink…just because it was very very necessary :innocent:.

Anyway drinks purchased and opened the app to be pleasantly surprise that as promised, the transition was showing, categorised and balance updated.

I was very pleased indeed. If :mondo: can do this, why can’t the big banks?!

Keep up the good work :mondo:. I for one, can’t wait to support you further and see how you develop.


(Tristan Thomas) #6

Yay! Glad it worked well first time :slight_smile: