App troubles on Ipad

Hello, I am trying to apply for a monzo account but I have run into a problem with the video needed to verify your identity. Because the monzo app is not optimized for ipad, it does not display everything correctly. I cannot see the specific instructions on what to do or view the example. I know that I have to record my face but I am not sure if I have to say a specific phrase or anything else in the video. Can anyone here help me?

Do you have a phone you could use for the sign up process, then switch to using the tablet after completing sign up?

As you say, the Monzo app does not officially support tablets, so some things may just not look right on an iPad.

That’s strange. A friend of mine used an iPad to sign up no problem. She did have the app expanded to fill the screen, not sure if that made any difference.

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i think it was something like my name is x and I want a Monzo account. Send an email to and they’ll be able to help


Everything is sorted now, thanks for all your help.

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