Summary set to the last Friday of each month

Can we set our budgeting to go from the last Friday of the month to the last Friday of the next month? It would make it so much easier. At the moment my budgeting is pretty useless :frowning:

Hi Matt, I’ve changed the forum category of your post so people can vote on it now.

But , I agree if would be nice to have this, I used to be paid on Mondays.

There’s lots of very similar suggestions and they have been around for a while, so I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

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Why is this so difficult for Monzo?

I suspect this has to do with time and date logic, simple for Hoomans but not so much for code.

Could be wrong tho

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Revolut did it, seemingly easily.

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Yup, agree with this and also agree it’s a bit of a coding headache too. So many people get paid weekly on set days or monthly last Friday of the month (like me.) it would make this feature more appealing for people to manage their money with & budget from

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I also get paid on the last Friday of the month, so it would be really useful for me as well.

I get paid the 4th Friday of every month so this feature has been absolutely useless to me since day 1.
Well over a year since I last looked this up and STILL no help for folk who are paid on this basis.

What a completely wasted feature.