Special Monzo Card Design for TestFlight Users and Staff?

(Ben) #1

Could Monzo TestFlight users be rewarded with a custom current account debit card🤩?

You could also potentially do the same for Monzo Staff members!

I know there is probably an additional cost involved with your card printing supplier. So I do understand if this is not possible. Would just be cool though😎

(Brenda Wong) #2

What a thought! It would be a nice little Easter egg. What do you think it should look like @Benb96?

(Ben) #3

A golden ticket would be cool! Or would that be to far off the current Monzo colour scheme?

(Brenda Wong) #4

:thinking: A golden Monzo card sounds dreamy! But as a humble Customer Operations person, I probably won’t dive too deep into making design decisions on Monzo’s behalf :joy:

(Ben) #5

Haha neither would I. My artistic design skills are rather limited. I think the idea is good though🤩


Maybe a Monzo Beta card… :grin:

(Jolin) #7

Maybe a Mondo Beta card… :laughing:

(Campbell Prosser) #8

Personally I’d like a translucent card - but I’m sure not if that’s possible and also I think it would have to have a hot coral hue :see_no_evil:

(Ben) #9

That would be so cool!

(Michael) #10

Can we just get an overly simple black card? :eyes:

(TWM) #11

The loot card is semi translucent and looks really cool, it also carries it’s branding off extremely well on the card…

(Brenda Wong) #12

OMG. Translucent card with hot coral core?

(Campbell Prosser) #13

Right! Orr, a translucent card with hot coral features. Like hot coral card details etc…

(Brenda Wong) #14

Is it possible to salivate over a card? :heart_eyes:

(Ben) #15

Was literally just typing the same thing😆. Great minds think alike😉

(Ben) #16

Please can someone make this happen​:grin::grin:

(Campbell Prosser) #17

Who do we beg to make this happen? :joy:

(Ben) #18

I think we should just go straight to the top :laughing:

(Dan) #19

A card with a bit of transparency would be cool… especially if you can see some of the insides of the card… almost like a “We help build Monzo” card… look under the hood!

(Brenda Wong) #20

If only we had that kinda power! @hugo, pinging ya to show you this is what the people want! :credit_card: