SORTED - MasterCard Refunds Old Card (Virgin Money CYBG)

Hey so an older relative of mine purchased something just little over 13 months ago, some 4:3 360p Dashcam. Didn’t use it, I’ve seen the same product on AliExpress with a different sticker, needless to say it is going back, just a matter of money. Amazon didn’t have to take it, but they did, and you’ve no idea how appreciative I was given it was over £130. The one they have currently still costs more, yet records at a clear 16:9 resolution.

Amazon have processed a refund for the item, including delivery actually. The card numbers are totally different, presumably due to a re-issue inbetween then and now.

I know that on my Visa Debits, it goes into your account regardless due to some kind of auth code. I’m looking to know what happens on MasterCard, I contacted VM/CYBG and they said it wouldn’t just go into the account, and to have Amazon issue a cheque.

I seriously doubt Amazon issue cheques, I would guess MasterCard also have some kind of system in place. It just proves all that change really is, branding. The online banking URLs literally link to old CYBG elements, the CSS is exactly the same, different colour. App, the same.

It doesn’t really make them feel new to me, even more legacy than Barclays!

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In theory, I think it should just go back into the account belonging to the old card.

Some retailers have a bit of trouble with that though, and can’t seem to process a refund to an expired card, which was my experience last year with Apple. What wound up happening is they had to refund via bank transfer, but required an IBAN to do it, so I had to use Barclays rather than Monzo. Their system wouldn’t accept Revolut’s IBAN either.

It probably varies by retailer the circumstances at the time, but generally I believe it is possible to refund to an expired card.

Someone with more knowledge than me might be able to provide a better answer though!

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Understood. Cheers! Let’s see.

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If they process the original transaction it’ll be fine.

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Yeah it went through no issue - not best pleased that CYBG falsely claimed my elderly family member would need a cheque from Amazon when that’s pure nonsense! Aside from that.

I watched many bands play live there. Oh, sorry, that was CBGB (OMFUG) :man_shrugging:

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I apologised for the derail. Please continue…

Not really sure why you’re trying to spread the topic around that I’ve given you the answer to (and one from a Monzo staff member) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: