Discourse V2.0

(Jack) #1

If anyone’s interested in the latest changes to Discourse…

I presume this forum will get the upgrade since it’s hoasted by Discourse?

(Richard Cook) #2

We just did! (We had about 3minutes of downtime around 4.30).

Lots of changes to take in. Nothing major so far.

New site setting ‘max_emojis_in_title’


(Liam) #3

@cookywook That sounds like a challenge to me.


Is it my imagination…

Or has Discourse just changed the look of the forum?

(Jack) #5

Mine still looks the same as it did? Although it did glitch a few mins ago, probably an update?

(#savetheseabass) #6

It’s going between both versions for me


I can’t even remember what it looked like before… :joy:


Mines like this too. I even checked the google dev tools to see if the styling was broken


Yep, it’s changed on all of my devices - I wonder if it’s permanent.

(Jack) #10

I still have the same look before but it’s going really strange, it’s duplicating posts and who I’m replying to keeps changing in a thread like it’s out of sync?

(Richard Cook) #11

Not changed anything here!


Back to normal now


Must be that damn new junior community manger!


I’m still stuck in this cold harsh wilderness… It’s so…white!

(Jack) #15

I just cleared my cache and cookies and it’s all still the same here, the weird behavior has calmed down also.


I literally just refreshed the tab and it’s gone back to the normal dark blue style

(Jai Sullivan) #17

Hasn’t changed for me either! :thinking:


It’s just gone back… Huzzah.

The only thing that was different was the white bar (instead of blue) - It looked radically different! ha!