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hello guys

hope you are all fine. i dont know where should i open new topic so i decided to open here.

i own www.monzo.ltd domain. do you think monzo wish to buy and keep that domain? anyone knows their business inquiries mail?

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Not sure why anyone would care about a .ltd when they have a .com.

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of course not for use…for keep it? if i have a company probably ill own all domains with my name. for example facebook own all domains even they are not using. facebook.co facebook.ltd facebook blah blah

Discourse doesn’t even autolink monzo.ltd :joy:


In other words bought domain hoping Monzo would buy it to make some money.


If they’d wanted it they would have bought it as soon as they changed the name

This domain is available through
GoDaddy Auctions. Price: $37,000.00


Bonus WHOIS: Creation Date: 2018-11-23T01:30:47Z


Oh dear or dear :frowning:

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This URL was only registered today by the looks of things, specifically 7 mins before your post, no one owned it previously… If monzo did want it I presume they’d have have purchased it.


If you do want to speak to someone you can always email hello@monzo.com


I did this when I was young and dumb. A multi billion pound company announced they were entering the UK market and I noticed the .co.uk wasn’t registered (and they had local websites for each territory so it was surely an oversight), so I instantly registered it.

After googling similar scenarios and realising the law doesn’t favour opportunists (in 2005 I read stories of brands getting legal weight on their side, obtaining an order to take the domain off people and billing them for legal costs - not the “here’s £100” scenario I’d hoped for).

After realising how dangerous the situation was I ended up just contacting them saying I’d bought the domain by mistake, and they refunded my registration cost and took it from me.

Would not recommend trying this. Even lovely companies like Monzo have not so lovely lawyers :imp:


There are a lot of Monzo related domains registered :open_mouth:

Without going to the trouble of checking who the registered owners are, if Monzo do own the following they could at least be used as redirects. Eg.

monzo.rocks (made me laugh)

As mentioned though, they have all the main ones covered already and I’m still not a fan of all these new TLDs, mainly because I don’t think people understand them fully yet. For example, if any of the above ones were on an advertisement there would be a lot of people who would assume the .com or .co.uk has been missed off the end in error. Then don’t get me started on the cost of some of these :no_mouth:


I’ll buy it and I will pay you with the bottle of out of date milk I have in the fridge.

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I have a .co domain and Adobe always says “Are you sure you didn’t mean .com?” when I’m logging into their site. Dread to think how it would respond if I tried to log in with my .horse email address.


I can see the benefit of using a .co.uk and a .com domain, but anything else is slightly pointless. Chances are, people aren’t going to be searching for monzo.ltd as a URL. If you wanted to try and snap up any Google searches of ‘Monzo Ltd’ then you’d need a VERY good SEO strategy.

I can’t see that buying the monzo.ltd domain off of you would be a financially sensible decision for Monzo to make :slight_smile: Sorry, @kingpelvis

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I’ll keep it for investment. They don’t need to use but it can easily use by another bank service to redirect or turn into to scam page. So company should protect their name i think. I told before Facebook owns all extensions. Are they using? No.

Luckily for Monzo, what you suggest may happen is very unlikely because you have registered the domain. And you wouldn’t do anything untoward with it. So it’s safe, for now. Maybe if you let it lapse, Monzo might consider registering it.


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