Somebody has been (poorly) pranking Monzo with URLs

Be quite literally be someone off Monzo stole my money, now they’ve got that money back of course

Looks like a prank as @SouthseaOne suggested.

Suddenly the WHOIS data is there whois lookup - so this has got to be a windup

All getting a bit meta now:


I personally very much doubt that Liam from FTT actually owns it. He’s (seemingly genuinely) had person/people masquerade as him before on FTT and it seems unlikely that he would leave his details on public display - that would seem more a thing to do if you wanted to implicate him

It would be a daft escalation of the conflict that does not really exist between here and the other place if it was actually the case though

I am afraid you’ve got the wrong Liam. Perhaps I could ask @Mogolent to take a little care not to shoot first, before asking questions. Should keep everyone out of the sticky brown stuff.

I do own Fintech Talk, I am called Liam, but that’s where things take a slight turn. I am not called Liam Bowers nor do I play him on TV or anywhere else, for that matter!

I may, however, have an explanation for who may be behind this. There is a troll, he was active on FTT and previously on here too.

I assume he did a whois search on and confused the registrar who I bought the domain from (Xilo) to be my company. Doing a search on companies House shows there is a Liam registered as a director there. He’s called, you’ve got it, Liam Bowers.

I removed several abusive accounts in the name of Liam Bowers, (and others), who our troll thinks is me and eventually he started registering domains.

So this fella thinks I am Liam Bowers and is spending his own cash to try and irritate or intimidate me. Fine, I ain’t in the slightest bit bothered.

Registering a domain in the name of a real person though… One who exists, runs a company and who isn’t in the slightest bit involved in FTT and who might be bothered about somebody claiming he’d behind some puerile hate campaign… I mean, that’s fraudulent activity. He might be bothered.


Welcome back to these parts Liam

I remember the whole Liam Bowers debacle(s) all too well from my spell on the other place

Just a reminder to all that the Community Code of Conduct specifically condemns anything approaching or reaching the standards of doxxing, so no more speculation or naming of names (correct or otherwise) please:


I’m sorry Liam. I deleted my post.


Thanks for that and we move on

I suspect said troll of Liam stalks these topics as well as those on the other place and that the - a bit too public for my liking - redirection to there was deliberately inspired by the discussion above

So let’s maybe not give them what they want as “feeding the trolls”, explicitly or implicitly, just leaves them wanting moar

At the risk of tempting fate, we’ve not heard anything from him in a long while. Either that or his trolling became a lot more sophisticated and it’s going straight over my head!

I’d been aware of the Monzo domain redirect for a little while (it was shown as a referrer in a Google Analytics report) - and had ignored it. Looking at the Whois, it was registered nearly a year ago and expires shortly.

Maybe he’s moved on.

I’d expect a disgruntled customer to actually setup a webpage describing his side of the story. Would be more convincing (and have more effect) than merely redirecting to a competitor or a neutral fin-tech forum.

Back in the early days there was some serious rivalry here between the Monzo and Starling camps, and I suspect it’s just a troll from these times.

Unrelated, but I’m surprised that years later, the Monzo community is still called “The other place” on Fintech Talk.

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Is there some fintech community drama I’ve completely missed?


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Think it may have been me that coined ‘the other place’ in respect of this forum and ‘the other place’.

No negative connotation there - it’s what the house of commons and the house of lords refer to eachother as.


No idea, I just call it that over there because that’s what others do. 🤷 I don’t believe there’s any malice behind it. I’ve probably referred to FTT as the other place on here once or twice too.


If I remember right, back in the day Starling closed their community with a thread “Listening to our customers” or something similar and this was right after some issues (probably GPS outage? - GPS as in their card processor, not the global positioning system) and that sparked a feud (quite understandable at the time - customers were pissed off that their cards stopped working without proper notice/comms and wanted accountability which Starling didn’t provide - instead they “deployed” Anne with a copy/pasted apology).

Fintech Talk was set up as a refuge for all the Starling Community people and for a while there was a bit of rivalry/trash talking between the two camps (I think Monzo might have had some community issues at the time they were picking on)?

Now though it’s long gone and FTT seems to be a pretty good and neutral place.

@Lhx yeah I didn’t mean any negative connotation - just surprised that the term lived on for so long.


I kinda miss the old times. Despite the rivalry and feuds* it was overall a great era for customers of both banks as both sides were evolving and releasing new features. Nowadays both banks have stabilized and they’re now “complete” for the most part (I’ve been a happy Starling customer for 2 years now), there is no more “innovation” to look forwards to - it’s incremental improvements at best. The “modern bank account” problem has been solved.

*I think most of it was still in good faith. I remember being in the anti-Starling camp because in an early FinTech era I feared the regular GPS issues (at the time) would make all challenger banks look bad. If you get a non-tech-savvy customer to switch to Starling and their card stops working, they’re likely to just say “modern banks suck” and go back to legacy banks without ever looking back.

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That was always the context I’ve understood and used in :slight_smile:


Fixed that for you.


I think this is all a ruse to get us all on to a different community :joy:


Or vacuum cleaner manufacturers.


Got a feeling @ericad made the sucks site since they’re so certain it wasn’t starling plus not long after they commented the redirect changed to something else. Hmmm

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