Best way to research credit cards?

My current Santander All in One CC (All in One Credit Card | Santander UK) 0% on purchases period is coming to an end.

I’ve never really researched credit cards properly before to compare all their benefits etc, so wondering if anyone has advice on how to go about doing so?

Comparison sites and money saving expert (same difference?) spring to mind but wondered if anyone knows of alternatives?

Monzo still don’t do one right :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:?


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Not yet





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I would def agree with Money Saving Expert and also Head for Points if you were considering a rewards card.


I would write up what you want first?

I.e. Mainly for holidays, mainly for cashback, big one of purchases etc.




Big one off purchases, protection, 0% on purchases and whatever rewards I can get. Santander 0.5% cashback was nice, I seemed to be profiting every month on average, part of me hates looking at comparison sites, but deep down I guess there’s not alot of alternatives to using them :sob:


Adverts and emails/phone calls afterwards for me

Even if I explicitly say I don’t want to be contacted I get a call or two selling me whatever I already bought

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MSE are pretty good at not doing any of that. Unless you opt in to do it.



+1 for MSE. They categorise the cards conveniently and their “best guess” on acceptance has always been spot on for me.

Still, worth going through the eligibility check for whatever card you’re interested in, if available, before running a hard credit check.

I like both the MSE Credit Club card eligibility and Credit Karma but would prefer MSE because they have more cards.

I don’t know why I do it, but every few weeks I like to have a look and see what I’m eligible for. I’ve currently got an Amex and a HSBC card, I’d ideally like one for foreign travel but haven’t seen one that’s perfect just yet. The Zopa credit card has too high an APR for me and I don’t get a rating on Halifax Clarity.

Do you plan to carry a balance on your credit card? If not, the APR shouldn’t matter


There might be a chance post pandemic that a yearly rail season ticket will go on it that I’d only be able to pay off monthly, so yes to a balance I think is the answer

Does your employer not offer a season ticket loan?

If you need to carry a balance, a 0% card would be the best solution – foreign spend cards tend to have 19% and above APRs and even a Monzo loan is lower than that

Barclaycard Rewards offers 0.25% cashback, free foreign spend and I think the APR isn’t too bad either though


I had a look at MSE, I think my expectations about comparison site UI is just too high, I was left frustrated by having to click into links to see detail rather than being able to easily compare in one view etc, anyway it showed me what’s on offer currently, seems my current 0% on purchases and 0.5% cashback is pretty good, others seem to come with either one or the other. Vaguely remember Halifax once saying they couldn’t just extend my 0% period, but if I cancelled and signed up again for a new card I would get it so might try the same with Santander card :crossed_fingers:

Thanks for all the advice.

Honestly, most credit cards are very similar: use the card, get the bill, pay the bill :man_shrugging:

APR, 0% on balance transfers and/purchases, and rewards might vary a bit but they’re not radically different between offerings.

Use a fake email address and phone number on comparison sites. I always just stick something random in.

They can’t follow up if they’ve not got any contact details for you.

I wouldn’t be doing that - the way it works is they send your info to the credit card companies for them to run eligibility checks. It’s not the site itself checking your eligibility. If you submit information and then later apply it may trigger a fraud alert.

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