Snow Patrol

So come on then who has snow?

It’s very light round my way, not settled yet.

I’m around M4 Jct 4

It’s falling very lightly in Didsbury, Manchester. Nothing settled yet.

Nothing here in South Wales! :frowning:

Getting heavier now, not settled yet

Surprisingly snowy in central London :open_mouth: :snowman_with_snow:

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Bromley South London - It’s quite a bit more now took this photo about half an hour ago.


I always have to chuckle when I see Londoners excited about this amount of snow. I had a good laugh at the Met Office’s weather warning for “5-10 cm of snow” in our area… And then tube and trains shut down. Everyone acts like it’s the end of the world: You need to be very brave to venture out in these conditions, apparantly. I really don’t get this :laughing:


Had a few whisps in the air earlier - but nothing to speak of (just north of Southampton).

St Pancras - Underground…nothing

Oh - hang on… no still nothing.


It’s stop-start near Wimbledon

Only just started properly trying in Maidstone

Stopped here now

Rather unusually here in East London the sun is shining, and it’s snowing quite steadily at the same time.

Edit:. East London now has normal winter weather. No snow, no sun. It was a blip, normal gloom has resumed.

Absolutely no snow in my office.

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You should try working in banking or the creative industries. Plenty of ‘snow’ there I’ve been told. :wink:

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Got about 1.5m here :grinning::snowflake::skier:

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Very light snow here in Essex :frowning:

So much for this mega snow storm then lol

I wouldn’t go out in that! Looks much too slippery!

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Like Apple Pay, it’s coming, but no one knows when. :wink: