Snow Patrol

(Danny) #1

So come on then who has snow?

It’s very light round my way, not settled yet.

I’m around M4 Jct 4

Blackberry Ghost
(Michael) #2

It’s falling very lightly in Didsbury, Manchester. Nothing settled yet.

(Jack) #3

Nothing here in South Wales! :frowning:

(Danny) #4

Getting heavier now, not settled yet

(Valeri) #5

Surprisingly snowy in central London :open_mouth: :snowman_with_snow:


Bromley South London - It’s quite a bit more now took this photo about half an hour ago.


I always have to chuckle when I see Londoners excited about this amount of snow. I had a good laugh at the Met Office’s weather warning for “5-10 cm of snow” in our area… And then tube and trains shut down. Everyone acts like it’s the end of the world: You need to be very brave to venture out in these conditions, apparantly. I really don’t get this :laughing:

(Patrick) #8

Had a few whisps in the air earlier - but nothing to speak of (just north of Southampton).

(Graham - Mental health professional) #9

St Pancras - Underground…nothing

Oh - hang on… no still nothing.

(Excited about Christmas) #10

It’s stop-start near Wimbledon

(Ben Green) #11

Only just started properly trying in Maidstone

(Danny) #12

Stopped here now

(Change Works) #13

Rather unusually here in East London the sun is shining, and it’s snowing quite steadily at the same time.

Edit:. East London now has normal winter weather. No snow, no sun. It was a blip, normal gloom has resumed.

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #14

Absolutely no snow in my office.

(Change Works) #15

You should try working in banking or the creative industries. Plenty of ‘snow’ there I’ve been told. :wink:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #16

Got about 1.5m here :grinning::snowflake:️:skier:

(Terry) #17

Very light snow here in Essex :frowning:

(Danny) #18

So much for this mega snow storm then lol

(Change Works) #19

I wouldn’t go out in that! Looks much too slippery!

(Change Works) #20

Like Apple Pay, it’s coming, but no one knows when. :wink: