Snooze alarm fine

I wonder if you amazing techie people would be able to create an applet for me as it is not my forte.

Whenever I snooze my alarm (standard alarm clock on iPhone) I can transfer £1,£5, £10 into a pot of my choice?

It may help me wake up knowing I’ll keep getting a monetary fine for sleeping in!

And I know you can set a different alarm for a few minutes later, but this will be interesting.

Let me know if it’s possible.



I love this idea and would definitely use it! :alarm_clock:

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I literally just did this before I noticed this thread!

So, in iOS 13, the shortcut apps allow you to run automation on various iOS events and one of them is snoozing an alarm. So in the shortcuts app I have it set to make an API call to the Webhooks trigger of IFTTT, which them flips 50p into a pot I have called “Snoozer”.

Shall see how long I can bear to have it enabled :grimacing:


Can you send me how you did this please?

Mine would probably need to be nearer the £10-20 mark to be fully effective, I feel :zzz: :joy:

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This wouldn’t work for me, I just disable my alarm when they go off (I set several alarms when I need to get up at a certain time) :frowning:

I’d be bankrupt after 1 day - the amount of times that snooze button gets hit is not something I am proud of.

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If you keep hitting snooze may I suggest you need to get more sleep?

Ideally, you should be waking up naturally.

Just sayin’.

I’d sleep for 48 hours straight if I could…

Is using an alarm really that bad? Seems pretty normal to me?

It screws up your sleep cycle, which can make you feel more tired. It isn’t really the best way to wake up.

Same here :joy:

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Sure I get that you should wake up naturally (although we as humans are actually better off having two sleep sessions comprising roughly 4 hours each from what I have read/seen). But if I would naturally sleep for 10-12 hours, that makes life a little more complicated with work commitments.

The two sleep period thang is conjecture - but if it works for you go for it.

If you would sleep for 10-12 hours, your body is telling you it needs that sleep. Do it for a few days and you should find that you catch up and then your will sleep for a more normal 7-9 hours, waking up naturally.

But if an alarm works for me - what is the problem? I’ve tried to get into a sleep cycle and tended to at university oversleep after weeks of not setting an alarm :man_shrugging:t2:.

I’ve never felt overly tired, weak or needing sleep during a day when I wake up with an alarm. I use the snooze button because I love to sleep :rofl:

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Sorry, not intending to drive you to do something you don’t want to!

My partner has to get up at 5:30 for work. Driving me nuts, I’d normally sleep and wake naturally at about 7, fall into the shower and get to work on time.

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No not at all - just I’ve tried the cycle thing and it never really worked for me unfortunately - probably because I love a good sleep!

I’d have been fired from every job I’ve ever had without an alarm…


Same :rofl:

I have one of those alarm clocks that gradually get brighter (like a sunrise) and then goes to playing some music that slowly gets louder. That’s supposed to help you wake up gently instead of the sudden loud alarm that shocks you awake.

I must admit towards the end of the week I do start waking up just before my alarm but I could never be trusted to wake up naturally. Especially since it all goes out the window at the weekend when I don’t have work :laughing:

I used to have one of those alarm clocks that runs off and hides when it goes off. Never get one of them if you are a snoozer. Talk about waking up in a bad mood.

Hahaha I’ve seen those and a drone that takes off and flies around the room :rofl:

I’m not a morning person at all. Don’t even speak to me until I’ve had my coffee, never mind if I’ve had to chase a toy around the room. :persevere:

To be fair, I don’t snooze. I do get up when it’s time :angel: