Sneak Peek : Pick a card, any card! (Monzo Plus)

Yeah definitely it would be a bit of a nightmare where the cards look like they just have loads of stickers on them “joint account” “investor” “plus” - I just know I’d love Midnight Sky (or whatever it is called) with “Investor” on it as well - A man can dream…

Right now, I think the Starling business card is one of, if not the, nicest looking cards around.

Great colour, simple, elegant (not massively fussed about portrait/landscape).

I’m sure Monzo could do more than just re hash the same (boring) card design in different colours.

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I get what you mean and I think if they are going to do something with the cards they should be doing more than just a colour re-has (although I stand by the navy card being lovely) because the colour (Hot Coral) was what made Monzo stand-out both figuratively and literally from the crowd.

I don’t really “get” the whole landscape portrait thing but I think Monzo could be doing a little more with their cards seeing as it is such a brand identifier.

What does the Starling Business card look like?

EDIT: just googled - it’s nice for sure, but I’m not head over heels for it.

I love the midnight blue. Looks beautiful.

I’m also thoroughly amused by the outrage on twitter of “how dare you have 16 cards”.


It’d be great if you’d consider removing the embossed numbers/writing and perhaps moving them to the back of the card or making them app only. Cards without text last longer and fit better in the wallet.


This and a metal card which I can keep for years. With that approach, Monzo could update the number and CVV every year for added security and just show them in the app.

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I seem to have found some matching icons for the new colourful cards :wink:

Will there be a Monzo Plus Investor card?

I believe there will be one day but there isn’t one yet :yum: nor is there an ETA :eyes:

It’d be cool to see a mockup of this! :grin: Hopefully it’s not too cluttered :see_no_evil:

The icons look lovely, but do they match? I see red, blue and white, not hot coral, midnight sky and whatever the neon blue one’s called!

I’m thinking maybe a discreet :rocket: icon in the corner of the Monzo Plus cards, rather than the “investor” logotype?

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When I get back home I’ll do a full rundown :smile: there’s another post worth of stuff to share :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was just too busy at work to do everything :innocent:


Quit teasing us, Mr Detective! :wink: :monzo:


Lagoon blue

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I have had comments… hate Coral.

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Is it known when will this become accessible for all? And what benefits will it come with? :eyes:

Not yet. A bigger trial should be imminent and there’s been some hints that it might be a minimum charge then à la carte top ups for things like insurance etc - but nothing confirmed yet.

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Interesting. I’m curious to see. And to get the navy card

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Wow! Midnight Sky :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let’s continue the Monzo Plus conversation over here!