Pay people with your fingerprint on Android!

It’s here!


Oh dear, some people aren’t going to be happy you ticked it off without upgrading the search on Android…


It works well :+1:

This completes our “Bring Android fully up to speed with iOS” box on The Big List and we’re happy to say that all major features are now the same across both platforms!

This isn’t true :disappointed:

It might complete that list, but the glaring omission from that list is Search! :angry: On Android, this major feature is nowhere near as functional and complete as what it is on iOS.

Any chance you can add Search to that list @tristan, so it can be marked (correctly) as “incomplete” so that it gets the development resources and attention it needs? :slight_smile:


Yup. Definitely can’t state android’s “up to speed” when the better search experience is missing. Are there any plans to implement this?


Like the others have said I agree that the android is not up to speed. The list needs to be updated yo include the better search feature.


Looks great. I have a good reason to replace this 2 year old Android smartphone now…:grin:

Sent my Dad (new monzo sign up) his first credit via app, with smilies as the reference using my fingerprint and kerching money arrived!

Beats trying to find a card reader to authorise or a phone call and code, for the money to go through the next day.

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