Snail mail quality

Hi! Just received my mondo card yesterday and I am really happy! The only thing is that the envelope and paper it came in were of overly high quality - which didn’t seem necessary.
I think it made me feel like you may be spending money where you don’t need to… Unsure!
Just thought about flagging it :slight_smile:
Thanks for the great work!

At least you have one :unamused:.
I’m hopefully getting g one soon :blush:

For goodness sake - we’re talking about pennies here! It sends a message about respect and valuing customers … not to mention security.

Much rather that than some flimsy manilla window envelope. Style!


This is quite possibly the oddest feedback I’ve ever seen on this forum :joy:


I’m going to have to disagree with you @Myrioo, this is theoretically the only piece of physical mail you’ll need to be sent but it’s also the first impressions of the card. Spending that penny more on a single sheet of heavier paper with well designed printing gives a great first impression and the feeling that the team really care along with the heavier paper protecting and holding the card in place without annoying glue dots in such a way that you can take a photo of it without revealing your card number to the world.

If you want to see truly over the top card delivery, take a look at how an American Express Centurion card is packaged!


What can they do to make a card feel that different?



lol that rules me out then - I’ll just stick to the nice Mondo envelopes :wink:

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It’s reminded me to do the Lottery tonight though.