Blue envelope?


I just received my debit card but it was in a white envelope! I’m a little sad it wasn’t in the blue envelope the prepaid card came in. Is this temporary or permanent?

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Must be perm as I have only ever had one blue envelope

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My I ask why a white envelope is disappointing? I know everyone wants attention to detail and to be delighted, but the colour of the envelopes?

(Jack) #5

I imagine this is because the pre paid cards got shipped from Monzo themselves whereas the current account cards are coming directly from the supplier. So Monzo may not have control over this.

Maybe they will return for future car deliveries once the rush for the upgrade is done.


they will need a very big envelope for a car :wink:

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One of my cards was a PP and it was in a white envelope


There was something nice about it standing out from all the other brown and white envelopes. The one I got was, aside from some small print, unmarked and plain white.
It just felt much less exciting than the blue one and I thought it was a bill or something unwanted!


We could have it in a ‘look at me I contain something exciting please steal me’ colour or just a plain white or brown envelope. I say make it as unobtrusive as possible

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Like Curve or that TCB :man_artist:


Starling sent black envelope I think

Edit: Yep black padded one :slight_smile:



Barclays mark all their envelopes with their logo including new cards, surely that’d be more “steal me” than an unmarked navy blue one?
Oh well, I guess white it is then…

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I feel your pain here, we geek out when it comes to paper and stationary bits :sweat_smile:

The blue will be making a return very soon! this was a temporary change! @Roses


I would like a hot coral one :wink:



in the Chinese community red envelopes are associated with money


YAY!!! So happy to hear that :smiley:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #17

I can’t get on board with Starling’s offering, I’m afraid. It seems overly wasteful, especially as it has plastic mixed in. It’s difficult to recycle. I prefer Monzo’s approach, especially as I think they reduced the letter size too.

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And the grammar person in me remembers that if it has an E then it goes in an Envelope else if it has an A then it means All stood still :slight_smile:


Every day a school day!

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