SMS notifications when travelling without data

(Jason Joslin) #1

I noticed when on holiday I could use my card, but did not have a data plan. It would be really useful to know the status of a transaction like the usual notifications. Maybe an SMS could be sent if selected in the settings. Knowing if a transaction was successful has been particularly useful when travelling as sometimes, for whatever reason, a merchant might try to charge you twice.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This would be a great feature, another user’s made some more suggestions on the technical implementation here -

Monzo are working on a feature to text you your PIN, when you’ve forgotten it. So that could be the first step towards getting ‘on demand’ SMSs set up. That’s in addition to texting users their PIN when they sign up, which is something that they already do…

(Jason Joslin) #3

Perfect, then you have my support for this feature too.

(James Billingham) #4

I have also mentioned this one, as it would be very helpful.

However it is worth keeping in mind that it costs around 2.3p plus VAT to send an SMS to a UK mobile number - even at huge bulk wholesale prices.

As such, this could end up getting very expensive for Monzo. In the US, the price is less than 0.01 USD iirc

(Leo Spanswick) #5

Possibly some people would be OK with paying something like 10p/day and getting maybe something like 4 or 5 texts over the course of the day - 0800 local, 1200, 1600, 2100, and then an end of day text at midnight that summarised the day’s spending?