Abroad SMS notifications

When using Mondo abroad I usually do not have internet access and do not receive push notifications of transactions and cannot regularly check the app. This means I am flying blind to my balance, possible changes in currency exchange rates etc. This is normal situation for most banks, but with Mondo the expectations are a little higher :wink:

It would be great to have the option to supplement/replace push notifications with SMS notifications when abroad.

Implementation ideas:

  • If Push Notification cannot be delivered, retry is via SMS (If Push provides delivery receipts??)
  • Toggle option in the app that all foreign transactions are sent via SMS. If you are regularly in a country or have data you could reply β€˜STOP’ for that particular country.
  • If you have partial internet (e.g. Hotel Wifi), an option when GPS detects you are in a foreign country to activate the feature.

It may have costs to send the messages, but it is something I as a customer would pay for to have the continuity of service and reassurance that Monda has β€˜got me’ when I am off grid.