Alert Messages

(Barry McKelvey) #1


I’m a Mondo Alpha and I’m loving the experience.

I know that Notifications are already setup when transactions take place. I’d also like to see the feature of a text message when any kind of transaction is carried out.

For the likes of my fiancee who turns off Notifications on here iPhone. Having text message alerts as a backup would be welcomed.

Neither of the two High Street Banks that I bank with have this feature. Would be great if Mondo did :slight_smile:

(Nick Jackson) #2

I’m not convinced it’s necessary, because it’s not possible to have a Mondo account without a smartphone which can receive push notifications. The iPhone lets you fine-tune exactly which apps can send notifications (and how they manifest themselves), so if you wanted Mondo alerts but nothing else that’s already possible.

(James Billingham) #3

It might be good for certain transactions outside of defined limits. If you’re push notified but the app hasn’t reported receiving it within 5 mins, then it SMSes.

Would be helpful if you’ve got bad signal and someone just cloned your card or something.

(Joshua Turner) #4

To send text messages over the Internet costs money, because you have to possibly use a 3rd party service for the feature. The APN service reports back with the necessary information such as if it failed to deliver.

I’d say a nice idea but as it costs - someone has to pay - rather not myself so I’d not like it for that reason and just use my data allowance to get the notifications.

You should be aware that you are notified using the notification system - so should have Push Notifications enabled to avoid inconvince.

(Rob Gill) #5

I think this is a great Idea. I would have saved me the embarrassment of my card running too low.

A good use case for this feature would be:
I visit another EU country. I’m like most tariffs, I get free EU calls and Texts… but I don’t get data.
All of a sudden I don’t have to pay £3per day just to get Monzo notifications.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

That’s a good use case, only thing is, if you can’t connect to the internet (& receive the notifications), you won’t be able to top up your card either…you’ll know you need to switch to another card when your first transaction’s declined. A bit embarrassing but you’re a tourist, people expect you to be juggling payment methods.


As rogbill mentioned, it would be very good to have texts sent to you after every transaction when you’re abroad and have no access to data or WiFi. The 5 minutes timeout between an app notification and an SMS in case of offline app I think it’s a really good idea. I know sending a text used to be a feature in Mondo because a friend of mine has a Mondo card and he kept receiving a text after each transaction when we were abroad. Monzo should reintroduce the feature at least when transactions are made abroad, so that one can know real time what was the expense in pounds even without having access to the Internet

(Fiaz) #8

Text alerts on completion of transaction because I don’t have any data on my mobile so I have to wait when I get home when my wifi comes on my phone .