SMS verification when abroad

I’ve just tried to pay off some of my credit card while abroad but when the MasterCard verification kicks in, I don’t get the SMS as I’m in airplane mode. Is there a way this verification can be sent via email or is this beyond what is possible right now?

Loving Monzo so far and have switched my current account fully across for everything. Very happy!

You don’t need to be in airplane mode abroad - if you’re with any major network it will be free to receive an SMS. Just then off your data roaming to make sure you’re not accidentally charged for internet.

That way it’ll work just fine for verification.

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I’ve never seen a UK network that charges for incoming SMS when roaming,

Airplane mode off, SMS received and worked ok. I’m on Vodafone and after checking it seems they don’t charge so that’s good. I have already been charged £6 for the data the split second before I turned off data when we landed but hey ho!

Thanks for the replies everyone.

Both Android and iOS have toggles for data roaming; these would allow you to have airplane mode off while not having to worry about data roaming charges.

You can get around this next time by turning off either roaming or mobile data - which means that you’ll receive SMS but your phone won’t download any data. I’d also suggest you divert incoming calls to voicemail, as receiving a phone call will also mean Vodafone charge you.

If you do that, you’ll get the benefit of airplane mode but without the drawbacks.