Smart watch feature

Besides the built in apps on my watch, I don’t don’t use many/any third party watch apps. At all.

I tried Barclays one when it was in its infancy and found it relatively useless. I understand that developing one could potentially be a waste of time and money, if there wasn’t a clear way it could really benefit users.

One feature however I think could be included in a potential future watch app: the ability to pull money from a pot or assign it to a category at the time of the transaction.

Use case: My balance is always £0. For small purchases I’ll usually let the transaction put me into an overdraft temporarily, then pull it from a pot at a later time.

I thought it would be great if when you make a transaction, your watch alerts you as it usually does, but if you scrolled down it gave you a list of pots right on your wrist, and tapping a pot would take the money out of that pot.

Fast, convenient and means you can tap and forget without having to go into the app later.