Added functionality to 'Pots'


I’ve been a member of LLoyds and Im making the move to Monzo, and it’s been brilliant from what I’ve seen of my account so far! Very much looking forward to using it more and more…

However, I think a major benefit would be to have added functionality to ‘Pots’ which I will outline below, the screenshot is from Lloyds and what they call their ‘Goal Money Manager’ which is the equivalent to Monzo’s ‘Pots’.

The ‘Pots’ would benefit greatly from the extra functionality below:

  • ‘Achieve by’ date and ‘Pot Target’, from these two functions alone you would be able to display to the user how much they need to save each month to be on target, and if they continue at the rate the are putting into the ‘Pot’ then what date the target will actually be met by.

  • Another major function for ‘Pots’ would be to have standing orders go into each of them at date and amount chosen by the user. This would ensure that the ‘Pots’ don’t have to manually be added to, which can be a burden, especially when you have lots of ‘Pots’ for lots of different things people are trying to save for.

Take a look at the screenshot below as an example from what LLoyds do, and with these added functions, ‘Pots’ can be a whole lot more useful! :grin:




Thanks for sharing these ideas. Please do post a high level summary of them in this topic too, where the team’s collecting all the different ideas to consider :raised_hands:

Coin Jar style Personal Finance Management Strategies and Ideas

I’m not too sure if there’s a thread that discusses the look of pots (if there is please point me in the right direction).

But I have some issues with the current look!

As a slight control freak, I like to have an overview of my pots but right now you can only see one pot at a time and you have to keep swiping to look at the rest.

I think it would be cool to have a button like this:
to expand into a page where we can see all our pots. The current one-at-a-time app design is stressing me out.

Other ideas:

  • Allowing us to customise and add our own pictures for our pots
  • Having a pot instead of a card that fills up with cute gold coins whenever we add money in. If it is a ‘Target’/‘Savings’ pot which has X amount, then the coins can fill the pot halfway if we have £50 in a £100 goal pot.
  • Clinking sounds for when the coins are added in.
  • Ability to add many, many, many pots and drag them around in the overview page based on our own categories. So if we have 10 holiday pots, 5 bill pots, 8 reserve pots, they can be color-coded in the overview and can be dragged around manually.
  • Combining pots when they’re no longer needed by dragging and dropping one pot into another. (with a confirmation popup so as to avoid mistakes)
  • Drop down menu for finding pots

This sounds like a great idea re: summary of pots.

I would love to be able to view all of my pots at once and the balance of all pots at once in a summary screen.

Also like the idea of setting savings targets for pots!