Pay back from Pot

One great feature on N26 was being able to select a transaction and then have that same amount repaid from a pot of your choice. The “notes” section of the pot withdrawal would contain the details of the transaction used.

Could something similar be implemented here please?

If you have a search, this, along with probably a dozen improvements to pots have been mentioned multiple times.

There is work on-going with pots, so fingers crossed some of them are implemented.


It’s certainly been discussed among other threads before, and I’ve certainly pushed for it in some discussions on pots, but I think this is the first time it’s ever been requested in its own thread to be voted on.

This was one of my favourite features from N26 and I’ve long been hoping it would come to Monzo in some form.

I want this, so I’ll vote for your request, I’d suggest you do too!

(Top one has far more votes)

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Thank you! I’ll vote on those too! Wouldn’t have thought to word it in that way.

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Pots are great, but the more you use them, the more features you want.


@AlanDoe suggest closing this topic in favour of those above to avoid splitting votes

(Incidentally I think this sort of thing was one of the instances when CC previously would/could a topic without any controversy)