Smart text box that identifies sort code and acc no

When someone sends you their bank details to send them money I often find myself rewriting the details and then copy and pasting different parts to be able to send them money. I would really like to be able to paste some text (eventually an image) like
“Can you send me £5 sort: 04-00-04 acc:12345678 cheers mate”
Or a screenshot of someone’s account details and the app suggest the sort code, acc no and even the amount to send. I find it strange that even if you click share account details from Monzo, and send that to someone as a message it isn’t seemless to be able to send money to that person (I know you can use monzo-monzo payment). This process has annoyed me for a long time with lots of multitasking and trying to remember numbers between apps.


You could use your link instead unless the person wants to use faster payments

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I believe the example of 04-00-04 was not ideal.

What if was a Barclays customer asking to pay them £50 and sent you his XX-XX-XX sort code and XXXXXXXX account number via WhatsApp.

Hence you could screenshot it and upload to Monzo so that the system could recognise the formats of sort code and account number - they are always the same after all - (like PDF to Word recognition software), and populate it for you. Then you proof read it and either change or confirm and proceed.

I would love such automation.


I was thinking in all aspects of life. So you get an email from someone or an invoice with payment details. Not specific to sending to monzo but the ability to past anyone’s account details


Exactly what I meant but phrased slightly better.

I’m sure you already know, but if you long press you account number or sort code (although this is mega easy to remember) on the account tab it copies them to your devices clipboard.

Just writing your person message around the clipboarded account number I guess ?

Although seems to work to you exact use. :confused:

Yes i know its easy to copy your own sort code and acc number. but i was envisaging something that lets you send money to someone else who has sent you a their details through another app. Then you can screenshot the message/email or copy the text and once your in monzo you dont have to leave.

something like this