Automatically detect correct fields when entering account number

When somebody sends me their bank transfer details I have to spend ages first copying each segment, then going back and forth between apps for each section and then pasting it in.

If I just copy the whole thing the Monzo app should paste each part automatically into the correct fields, it wouldn’t be hard to differentiate between the 3 fields, they all have very distinct formats that are easy to recognise.


There’s an easy way to only share only your name, sortcode and account number:

Account tab ==> Add money ==> UK bank transfer ==> Share button at the bottom of the screen.

Unless you want Monzo to automatically paste your sortcode in the sortcode box on a website (and same for account number)?

I think the OP wants to take someone else’s account details and paste them in one click into their Monzo app to pay them, rather than be paid.



I paste the info into the name field first then input it into the relevent boxes. Lastly I empty the name field and fill that in.

Not perfect, but it works well for me.

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